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2013-11, November 2013 (Donnelly)

2013-11, November 2013 (Donnelly)


Volume 13 Number 2

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    The Retro-Anglers

    By Mahlon Kriebel

    A group of senior fishing friends challenge their “dream stream,” Warren Creek, using both current equipment and gear from their youth.

    Donnelly – Spotlight City

    By Carl Somerton

    The author, whose family bought a cabin in Long Valley in 1970, considers the past, changes over time, and the future of Donnelly.

    Johnny Sack’s Cabin

    By Geraldine Mathias

    Near Big Springs, a pioneer handbuilt a cabin and everything in it. The author examines the place and life of the enigmatic Johnny Sack.


    Comments: Eastbound through Bliss

    Magic Valley: Still on Track, by Robert Jenkins

    St. Anthony Dunes: Chasing the Calf, by Paige Nelson

    Sun Valley: Ride the Beast, by Robert Ross

    Hagerman: Tribute to Sheepmen, by Teddy Khteian-Keeton

    Ketchum: Buggy Ride, by Les Tanner

    Athol: A Dog Named Bad, by Janice Abel

    Idaho at Large: Spare Me the Pâté, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Cornish Hen Soup; Applesauce Cake

    Calendar of Events: Veteran’s Day Breakfast, Nampa

    Athol, Big Springs, Boise, Bruneau, Donnelly, Hagerman, Ketchum, Magic Valley, Nampa, Pocatello, St. Anthony Dunes, Sun Valley, Warren