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2014-10, October 2014 (Craigmont)

2014-10, October 2014 (Craigmont)


Volume 14 Number 1

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    Herring Under the Coat

    By Jennifer Stamper

    When an exchange student from Russia comes to Clark Fork, the host family sees the world anew through his exuberant gaze.

    Craigmont – Spotlight City

    By Shelley Kuther

    A lifelong resident and local historian recounts the odd tale of how Craigmont was born from the mock marriage of two other towns.

    Stoddard Mill Pond

    By Geraldine Mathias

    A children’s fishing pond near Island Park is on the land of a former family-owned sawmill, whose history the author traces through six generations of in-laws.


    Comments: 2014 Cover Photo Contest Winners

    Garden Valley: Solitude, by Francisco Lozano

    Salmon: Close Encounters, by Melinda Stiles

    Caldwell: Final Inning, by Dave Goins

    Northern Idaho: Magruder at Last, by Tom Bithell

    Teton Valley: The People’s Museum, by Joyce Driggs Edlefson

    City of Rocks: Bluebird Broken, by Mark Nielsen

    Book Review: The Rhythm of Ranch Life, by Eileen Garvin

    Idaho at Large: What Happened to my Lemonade?, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Stone Fruit Salad; Chocolate Cookies

    Calendar of Events: River Through Time, Emmett

    Boise, Caldwell, City of Rocks, Clark Fork, Craigmont, Emmett, Garden Valley, Island Park, Lewiston, Nampa, Riggins, Salmon, Teton Valley