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2015-02, February 2015 (Hazelton)

2015-02, February 2015 (Hazelton)


Volume 14 Number 5

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    Stalking the River – Part II

    By Mike Medberry

    In the concluding half of a two-part series on the Boise River, the author finishes his hike to the headwaters at Spangle Lake.

    Hazleton – Spotlight City

    By Shirley Metts

    Raised in this farming community near Twin Falls, the author describes her early years living between two canals.

    Body Lessons

    By Barbara Morgan

    A Boise neurologist describes her movement classes to help Parkinson’s disease patients retain their brains.


    Comments: Gooding Sunset

    Idaho County: The Quilt Trail, by Carolyn Chandler

    Atlanta: Feeding the Fox, by Christina Hawkins

    Menan Buttes: Tuff Cones, by Josh Packer

    Idaho Falls: Coach Mom, by Kris Millgate

    Sand Hollow: Conversation with a Fish, by Dean Worbois

    Craters of the Moon: In Craters’ Shadows, by Laura Wolstenholme

    Inkom: Sky Theater, by Stefano Carini

    Idaho at Large: The Winter of My Discontent, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Caramel Cheesecake; Hollandaise

    Calendar of Events: Cabin Fever Reliever, Nampa

    Atlanta, Boise, Boise River, Craters of the Moon, Hazelton, Idaho County, Idaho Falls, Inkom, Lava Hot Springs, Menan Buttes, Nampa, Priest Lake, Sand Hollow, Stanley, Sun Valley