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2015-06, June 2015 (Grand View)

2015-06, June 2015 (Grand View)


Volume 14 Number 9

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    By Jonathan Mills

    A specialist in lightning photography stalks a Jerome storm—or is it the other way around?

    Grand View – Spotlight City

    By Dale M. Gray

    The author asks why anyone would want to live in this dinky town. But he’s been there long enough to know the answer.

    Bewitched by the Gooney Bird

    By Peter D. McQuade

    As a boy in Boise, the author was fascinated by the DC-3. And over the years, his love of the Gooney Bird hasn’t waned.



    Comments: Selway River

    Owyhees: In the Wild Heart, by Emma George

    Weiser: Jammin’ with the Champs, by Michael Vogt

    Camas County: Code of the West, by Clell G. Ballard

    Pocatello: A Healing Art, by Harald Wyndham

    New Plymouth: Rooster Tales, by Geneva Trent

    Statewide: Town Magic, by Drew Wahlin

    Featherville: What is Beauty? photo by John Lewis

    Idaho at Large: Coming of Age, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Emmy’s Cream Cake; Mac and Cheese

    Calendar of Events: Payette River Games, Cascade

    Boise, Camas County, Cascade, Coeur d’Alene, Emmett, Featherville, Grand View, Jerome, Nampa, New Plymouth, Owyhees, Pocatello, Wallace, Weiser, White Bird