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2015-07, July 2015 (Worley)

2015-07, July 2015 (Worley)


Volume 14 Number 10

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    An Expedition Rediscovered

    By Leon Powers

    The last pioneering biological expedition into Idaho was all but forgotten, until the author resurrected its achievements.

    Worley – Spotlight City

    By Sue Ellis

    After decades away, the author returns to visit the town where she grew up, igniting old memories of childhood and her family.

    Two Boards and a Passion

    By Charles Lauterbach

    A professor emeritus recalls Boise State’s first theatre, plays he directed there, and the ghost in the wings.


    Comments: The Tetons seen from Idaho

    Moscow: How to Engineer Magic, by Michael Brandt

    Eagle: Sippin’ Soda, by Leona Campbell

    Twin Falls: A Blemished Beauty, by Shelley McEuen

    Filer: Farm Lessons, by Diana Kauffman-Cockrell

    Warm River: The Fishing Hole, by Anita Knapp

    Twin Falls: Legendary Foods, by Judy Grigg Hansen

    Featherville: What is Beauty? photo by John Lewis

    Idaho at Large: Fastest of Them All, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Chocolate Cake; Summer Grillers

    Calendar of Events: Desert Detectives Summer Day Camp, Nampa


    Atlanta, Boise, Eagle, Filer, Lapwai, Midvale, Moscow, Nampa, Pocatello, Shoshone, Snake River, Twin Falls, Warm River, Worley