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2016-03, March 2016 (Sagle)

2016-03, March 2016 (Sagle)


Volume 15 Number 6

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    The Food Web

    By Amy Larson

    On a wholistic tour of Idaho cuisine with a bunch of out-of-state foodies, the author delivers the backstories.

    Sagle – Spotlight City

    By Desiré Aguirre

    Living in this community across Long Bridge from Sandpoint, the author can’t decide which season she likes best.

    The Birth of Idaho

    By Rep. Linden B. Bateman

    A state representative delves into the archives to unearth the story of a man who helped to prevent the Idaho Territory’s disintegration.


    Comments: Gold Fork Hot Springs

    Boise County: Gems in Flight, by Scott Fugit

    Warren: Woman of the Wilderness, by Brian D’Ambrosio

    Priest River: She Made a Difference, by Marylyn Cork

    Boise: Letters from the North End, by Barbara Morgan

    Blackfoot: Leather Man, by Jennifer M. Fulford

    Selkirk Mountains: Back to Shorty Peak, by Cecil Hicks

    South Fork Snake River: Too Cold for Me, by Kris Millgate

    Idaho at Large: Instructions are for Pinheads, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Jambalaya and Minty March Shake

    Calendar of Events: Magic Valley Gem Show


    Blackfoot, Boise, Boise County, Filer, Murphy, Pocatello, Priest River, Sagle, Selkirk Mountains, South Fork Snake River, Warren, White Bird