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2016-04, April 2016 (Deary)

2016-04, April 2016 (Deary)


Volume 15 Number 7

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    Running a Hundred

    By Kelly Lance

    A veteran of hundred-mile marathons gives a shattering account of what it takes to finish a race through the Salmon River Mountains.

    Deary – Spotlight City

    By Kevin L. Carson

    This old northern Idaho mining town has joined the back-to-the land movement, with promising results.

    Walden in the Foothills

    By Rep. Linden B. Bateman

    In this evocative memoir, the author describes an enlightening summer roaming Boise’s foothills back in his high school days.


    Comments: The Perrine Bridge at Night

    2016 Fiction Contest: Announcing the Winners

    Boise County: In Flight, by Joe Ruffing

    Statewide: The Courage to Climb, by Jeff Riechmann

    Highway 55: On Black Ice, by Karlene Bayok Edwards

    Cataldo: On the Water, by Gina Hill

    Statewide: Disaster, by Reed Hollinshead

    Central Idaho: Three Stinging Encounters, by Ray Brooks

    Idaho at Large: Barbershop Wisdom, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Hot Ham Sandwiches and “Tarry” Cake

    Calendar of Events: “Take Me Fishing” Trailers, Statewide


    Blackfoot, Boise, Cataldo, Deary, Garden City, Highway 55, Idaho Falls, Moscow, Nampa, Perrine Bridge, Pocatello, Riggins, Salmon River Mountains