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2016-08, August 2016 (Gibbonsville)

2016-08, August 2016 (Gibbonsville)


Volume 15 Number 11

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    On Grand Mogul

    By Elijah Weber

    On Father’s Day in 2014, the author and his dad climbed to the top of Grand Mogul in the Sawtooth Range.

    Gibbonsville – Spotlight City

    By Melinda Stiles

    This hamlet is just up the road from the author’s home, but until recently, it was a place she seldom visited.

    Archie Teater Restored

    By Teddy Khteian-Keeton

    The late Idaho artist’s paintings were in danger of being neglected until a new book and a collection resurrected his work


    Comments: Summer at Little Redfish Lake

    Moscow: Reverse Burglars, by Khaliela Wright

    Stanley: Snorkeling for Salmon, by Kris Millgate

    Clearwater River: A Campfire Yarn, by Garth Profitt

    Donnelly: Huckleberries and Red Overalls, by Karlene Bayok Edwards

    Emmett: Half-Coyote, by Toinette Dickey

    Cascade: Doctor, Doctor, by F.A. Loomis

    Pocatello: The Night Yardmaster, by Thornton Waite

    Idaho at Large: The Chicken is Sick, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Million-Dollar Fudge; Coconut Chicken with Mango Salsa

    Calendar of Events: 1860 Days, Pierce


    Cascade, Clearwater River, Cottonwood, Dear, Donnelly, Emmett, Gibbonsville, Hagerman, Moscow, Nampa, Pierce, Pocatello, Potlatch, Salmon, Stanley