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2017-04, April 2017 (Juliaetta)

2017-04, April 2017 (Juliaetta)


Volume 16 Number 7

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    The White City Remake

    By Janice Stevenor Dale

    How a Boise women’s club restaged the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair at the Morrison Center.

    Juliaetta – Spotlight City

    By Sheila Petticord

    A once-bustling town suffered a business downturn long ago, but lately has been on the road to recovery.

    Idaho’s Pompeii

    By Robin McRae

    The author, whose family worked Thunder Mountain above Roosevelt, describes the former town’s life and its death by drowning.


    Comments: Middle Fork of the Salmon River

    Paris: This Little Piggy, by Ross Walker

    Donnelly: Branch Dancing, by Carolyn White

    Lake Cascade: Sing the Hero, by Kitty Widner

    Garden Valley: Flash of Gold, by Jerry Davis

    Stanley: Mischief on High, by Mary Terra-Berns

    Moscow: The Beautiful Game, by Ron McFarland

    Idaho at Large: Dinner with Arnold, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Forget it Cake; Orange Chicken

    Calendar of Events: 30th Annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, St. Anthony


    Boise, Donnelly, Garden Valley, Juliaetta, Lake Cascade, Lewiston, Moscow, Paris, Riggins, Roosevelt, St. Anthony, Stanley