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2017-06, June 2017 (Chubbuck)

2017-06, June 2017 (Chubbuck)


Volume 16 Number 9

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    Art is Life

    By Jessica Tookey

    The author tells her story of years beset by depression and suicidal thoughts, and how she was saved by allegiance to her art.

    Not Just Greedy Barons

    By Rick Just

    The wealthy Harriman family donated Railroad Ranch to Idaho, but the author discovers that was only part of their history of philanthropy.

    Chubbuck – Spotlight City

    By Elise Barker

    Often subsumed by neighboring Pocatello, this once-seedy southeast Idaho city is now coping with transformation.



    Comments: Selway River

    Melba: Textiles to Ride, by Georgia Wier

    Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness: Building a Hay Barn, by Jim Akenson

    Jackson: Poor but Happy, by Takisha Brinkerhoff

    Twin Falls: On the Team, by Drew Winkelmaier

    Idaho City: Arnica City, by Jerry W. Davis

    Idaho at Large: Who’s the Wise One?, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Bonfire Pizza Chips; Fire Cones

    Calendar of Events: Outlaw Day, Richfield


    Boise, Chubbuck, Coeur d’Alene, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Harriman State Park, Idaho City, Jackson, Melba, Mountain Home, Parma, Rexburg, Richfield, Twin Falls, White Bird