2019-01, January 2019 (Warm River)


Volume 18 Number 4




Just Breathe

By Elise Barker

Years after taking their young son on a hike to the Bench Lakes in the Sawtooths, a couple returns, now with two kids in tow.

Alive Again

By Alice Schenk

Even after years of visiting the Island Park area for outdoor adventures  of many kinds in all seasons, it’s always still a thrill for the author.

Warm River – Spotlight City

By Gerry Mathias

A campground near Ashton inspires the author to investigate the history of what was once a bustling town.



Comments: Caldwell Christmas Lights

McCall: Their Own Steps, by Kelly Poirier

Cobalt: Tales from the Open Pit, by Russell Steele

Riggins: Milking the Salmon, by Jesse Ayers

Orofino: Serious Horseplay, by Joseph Zahnle

Yellow Pine: Harmonica Heaven, by Tom Alvarez

Henrys Fork: One Cast, by Dave Hall

Idaho At Large: Good Will to All, by Marylyn Cork

Recipes: Teton Toscana Soup;
Richfield Rum Caramel Croissant Bread Pudding

Calendar of Events: Snowscapes, Driggs



Cobalt, Driggs, Garden City, Henrys Fork, Island Park, McCall, Orofino, Priest Lake, Riggins, Soda Springs, Stanley, Warm River, Yellow Pine

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