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2019-10, October 2019 (Hammett)

2019-10, October 2019 (Hammett)


Volume 19 Number 1

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    The Cartee Grand

    By Michael Winter

    The renovation of a 19th Century grand piano inspires the author to research its original Boise owner.

    Axe Music

    By Karlene Bayok Edwards

    On a family backpacking trip into the central Idaho wilderness in 1968, an axe was an essential tool.

    Hammett – Spotlight City

    By Diana Hooley

    She was uncertain at first about the rural life in her new husband’s village, but they’ve been there now since 1972. 



    Comments: Antelope Pass, Mackay

    Anoka: Up on the North Fork, by the Editors

    Eastern Idaho: Collaring the Wild, by Kris Millgate

    Riggins: You Fix It, You Drive It, by Billy Jim Wilson

    Caldwell: The Project, by Les Tanner

    Moscow: On Teaching, by Ron McFarland

    Idaho At Large: My Analog World, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Grandma’s Chicken; G.G.’s Favorite Cookies

    Calendar of Events: Buzzsaw Sharks of Long Ago, Pocatello



    Anoka, Boise, Caldwell, Frank Church—River of No Return Wilderness, Hammett, Idaho City, Idaho Falls, Moscow, Riggins, Pocatello, Wallace