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2019-12, December 2019 (Greencreek)

2019-12, December 2019 (Greencreek)


Volume 19 Number 3

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    Grassroots Tenderness

    By James Walker

    The daughter and a former student of the late artist and professor Louis Peck cooperate to honor his work.

    What the Floods Wrought

    By Max Jenkins

    Lifelong journeys around the state have helped the author
    to appreciate the origins of Idaho’s distinctive landforms.

    Greencreek – Spotlight City

    By Jill Terharr Lewis

    A singer and professor recounts the nuturing effects
    of being raised in smalltown Idaho.



    Comments: Straw Bale Creations, Idaho Falls

    Meridian: Peter and the Boy, by Lynda Huddleston

    Pingree: Monarchs and Painted Ladies, by Les Tanner

    Bonner County: Land-Savers, by Mike Turnlund

    Ferdinand: Field of Gold, by Lorie Palmer

    Nampa: Tuba Christmas, by Ray James

    Idaho At Large: The White Bread Years, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Mile-High Buttermilk Biscuits; Monster M&M Cookies

    Calendar of Events: Retro Christmas, Wallace



    Arimo, Boise, Bonner County, Ferdinand, Garden City, Greencreek, Meridian, Nampa, Orofino, Pierce, Pingree, Wallace