2020-05, May 2020 (Irwin)


Volume 19 Number 8





By Dan Eaton

In the 1960s, a group of teenagers was hired to blast out and build some of Idaho’s most iconic wilderness trails.

The Twelve Junipers of Wapi

By Will Peterson

The author leads a few doubting friends deep into the Craters of the Moon in search of an eerie scene.

Irwin – Spotlight City

By Daryl Hunter

The only town in Swan Valley with a post office has drawn an eclectic mix of oldtimers and titans of industry.



Comments: River of No Return, Salmon

Boise: Hunkered Down, by Kim Steinberg

Hayden: Small West, by Keith Knight

Bear Lake: Beloved Trumpeter, by Paige Miller

Sawtooths and White Clouds: Secret Places, by Margaret Fuller

Dworshak Dam: What Lies Beneath, by Richard Thorum

Burley: The Idaho Regatta, by Scott Kunau

Idaho At Large: Minority Rapport, by Marylyn Cork

Recipes: Furlough Flatbread; Quarantine Caramels

Calendar of Events: Greek Food Festival, Boise



Bear Lake, Big Horn Crags, Boise, Burley, Coeur d’Alene, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Dworshak Dam, Garden City, Hayden, Irwin, Payette, Pocatello, Riggins, Sawtooth Range, White Cloud Mountains