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2021-03, March 2021 (Garden Valley)

2021-03, March 2021 (Garden Valley)


Volume 20, Number 6

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    Bell Mountain Calling

    By Tom Lopez

    Four decades after first ascending this 11,612-foot peak in the Lemhi Range, the author returns for another go.

    In the Smokies

    By Mike Cothern

    Over years of hiking in the Smoky Mountains, the author has taken plenty of new trails and left a few for the future.

    Garden Valley – Spotlight City

    By Eloise Kraemer

    This largely decentralized community north of Boise has the best of a bigger town and rural life.



    Comments: Trumpeter Swans at one of the three Deer Parks
    near Rexburg.

    Letters to the Editor: Moscow Memory

    McCall: Charlie’s Garden, by Karlene Bayok Edwards

    Shoshone: Runaway, by Robin Castle

    Idaho Falls: Born and Raised, by Dennis Patterson

    Henry’s Lake: A Place Like Idaho, by Linden Bateman

    Kellogg: The Italians and Root Beer, by John Vivian

    Clayton: My Hobo Dad, by Max Jenkins

    Idaho At Large: Strong Women, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Good Morning Vanilla Breakfast Pudding; Crockpot Mac n’ Cheese



    Bell Mountain, Clayton, Garden Valley, Henry’s Lake, Idaho Falls, Kellogg, McCall, Shoshone, Smoky Mountains