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2021-09, September 2021 (Leslie)

2021-09, September 2021 (Leslie)


Volume 20, Number 12

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    My Inner Four-Year-old

    By Mike Turnlund

    With rueful humor, the author recounts his trials in Sagle as he copes with a rare disease that affects behavior.

    As Wild West As It Gets

    By Eloise Kraemer

    Up north, the now-defunct Eagle City was a favorite hangout of Wyatt Earp.

    Leslie – Spotlight City

    By Kathy Corgatelli NeVille

    Raised in the Big Lost River Valley, the author provides colorful background on tiny Leslie.


    Comments: Latah County Fishing Hole

    Boise and Danskin Mountains: The Grand Slam, by Tom Lopez

    Boise and Danskin Mountains: Bases Loaded, by Alice Schenk

    Kellogg: Uncle Bunker, by Mason “Doc” McCoy

    Dixie: Jack of Hats, by Max Jenkins

    Central Idaho: Ghosts of Brick and Stone, by Tom Strak

    Central Idaho: Stalking the Smelters, by Ray Brooks

    Idaho At Large: Cougar in the Sun, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Fireside Cheddar Biscuits; Skillet for Two

    Calendar: Thousand Springs Festival of the Arts, Wendell



    Blackfoot, Boise, Boise and Danskin Mountains, Dixie, Eagle City, Emmett, Garden City, Idaho Falls, Kamiah, Kellogg, Leslie, Sagle, Wendell