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2021-10, October 2021 (Samuels and Sam)

2021-10, October 2021 (Samuels and Sam)


Volume 21, Number 1

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    Return of the Captives

    By Trevor James Bond

    With help from Idaho schoolchildren, the Nez Perce rallied the country to gain the return of an ethnographic collection.

    Escape from Pinyon Peak

    By Mac Tippins

    The summer of 2020 for a Salmon-Challis National Forest lookout ended with a wild windstorm.

    Samuels and Sam – Spotlight City

    By Eloise Kraemer

    A small town in the north and a ghost town in the southeast were both named after the same Idahoan. 


    Comments: In the Shadow of the Grand Teton

    Carmen: Meadowlarks and Memories, by Melinda Stiles

    Idaho Falls: Star Turn, by Ed Fischer

    Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness: SOS, by Suz Invetosch

    Boise: Hollywood Halloween, by Dean Worbois

    Clearwater National Forest: Hosting, by Jim Fazio

    Granjean: Ever Visitors, by Kaidi Stroud

    Idaho At Large: Embrace Illogic, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Pear and Broccoli Soup; Stovetop Potpourri

    Calendar: 10th Annual Rock, Gem and Jewelry Sale



    Boise, Caldwell, Carmen, Clearwater National Forest, Filer, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Grandjean, Idaho Falls, Riggins, Salmon-Challis National Forest, Sam, Samuels, Sandpoint, Spalding, Wallace