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2022-01, January 2022 (Reynolds)

2022-01, January 2022 (Reynolds)


Volume 21, Number 4

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    Dry Creek Memories

    By Tom Lopez

    More than four decades after having worked in the Little Lost River Valley, the author explores its history.

    The Evacuation

    By Richard Mouser

    The writer was among those who had to leave home because of the 2021 Goose Fire in the Treasure Valley.

    Reynolds – Spotlight City

    By Ray Brooks

    The 19th Century boomtown is gone but ranchers still live and work in this part of Owyhee County west of Murphy.


    Comments: Hagerman Valley Falls

    Statewide: Idaho and the Airplane, by Crista Videriksen Worthy

    Idaho County: Take the High Ground, by Max Jenkins

    Victor: She Was Right, by Bill Brennan

    Parkline: Once in the Blue Moon, by Harvey Hughett

    Pioneer Mountains: A Hook, a Worm, and a Fish, by Daniel Mathis

    Idaho At Large: Honey on a Thorn, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Marinated CPO (Cheese, Peppers, and Olives); and Greek Yogurt Cookies

    Calendar: Winter Carnival, McCall



    Ada County, Caldwell, Garden City, Idaho County, Ketchum, Little Lost River Valley, McCall, Nampa, Parkline, Pioneer Mountains, Priest Lake, Reynolds, Victor