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2022-04, April 2022 (Howe)

2022-04, April 2022 (Howe)


Volume 21, Number 7

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    The Rock in the River

    By John Hooley

    On a rural property near Hammett, the serious ailment of a father inspires his grown son to make a permanent sacrifice.

    A Horse’s Seat

    By Julie Fox

    The descendant of Hailey pioneers describes her ancestors’ lives and an amazing race to determine the county seat.

    Howe Spotlight City

    By Anna Sermon

    After a disastrous fire in 2012, a lifelong Howe resident gathered stories of the lives of people throughout the valley.


    Comments: Twin Falls

    Bruneau Dunes: Rat Wars, by David Metcalf

    Selkirk Mountains: Planting Fish, by Mary Terra-Berns

    Caldwell: My Teachers, by Les Tanner

    Boise: Our Muse, by Kevin McNeill with David McNeill

    Lane: Grandma Bailey, by Aisha Marie

    Weiser: The Revitalizers, by Dean Worbois

    Idaho At Large: Good Stock, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Bill’s Award-Winning Chili; Smoked Salmon Hash

    Calendar: Cruise the World, Moscow



    Boise, Bruneau Dunes, Caldwell, Hailey, Howe, Indian Cove, Lane, Meridian, Moscow, Nampa, Riggins, Selkirk Mountains, Weiser