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Sponsor Magazines

Sponsor Magazines


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    Call Kitty Fleischman at (208) 336.0653 or (800) 655.0653 to become part of our digital IDAHO magazine sponsorship project.

    Since 2001, we’ve been publishing stories written by hundreds of Idahoans. Now want to put these monthly print editions of the magazine online, so these stories can be shared with Idaho students, teachers and the rest of the world. But to do that, we have to give up our intellectual property, which is why we need your help to make this project viable.

    • If a business makes a donation to help sponsor a digital issue, it’s deductible as an advertising expense. If you would like your donation to go through a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, let us know and we will arrange  it.

    • Donations of $10 or more can be counted toward the online project.

    • A donation of $500 earns the designation FRIEND, $1,000 is a PATRON, and $2,500 is a SILVER sponsor.

    • For $3,500, you can be a GOLD sponsor of one full issue.

    • The DIAMOND designation is for sponsoring two issues at $2,800 each ($5,600).

    • PLATINUM is for sponsoring five or more issues at $2,300 each ($11,500).

    • Gold, Diamond, and Platinum sponsors will receive premier advertising both online and in the print edition of the magazine to promote your business or organization, your town, or to memorialize a loved one. Once online, each sponsored issue will be available to read, print or link to your website – and it’s permanent!

    • To read samples of back issues that already have been sponsored and are now available free of charge in their entirety on this website, visit here.

    • Thank you for your support of Idaho’s only statewide monthly magazine written by and for the people: IDAHO magazine!