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Face the Falls

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A Newbie Kayaker Encounters the Snake River in a Testy Mood

By Rebecca Maxwell

As we crossed the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, my stomach leapt into my throat, my heart sank, and my breathing increased.

If it were possible to become any more anxious, that’s what happened when our put-in site came into view several hundred feet below us, in the canyon. I had been riding in an SUV for two hours from Boise and knew I couldn’t back out now, but as we wove down into the canyon, I resisted an urge to jump out of the moving vehicle and hitchhike home. Anyway, I told myself, I wanted to spend the day on the river with my friends, especially Jocelyn. Swallowing fear and angst, I tried to focus on getting mentally prepared for what lay ahead. Continue reading

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