At the Museum

By Dianna Miller

We arrived at The College of Idaho in Caldwell on a chilly Saturday morning. Our mission: the Natural History Museum.

Our leader Teresa Hafen and I, her assistant, ushered our group of ten year-old Cub Scouts down concrete stairs to a metal door leading into the basement. As we entered a huge warehouse of archived items, excitement rose in the voices of the boys—especially Tyler, who is always a tad more enthusiastic then the others. They all proceeded to get louder and louder until we explained the rules, which included not touching anything and being respectful, particularly to our guides, who were volunteers. We met Nathan Carpenter, who immediately engaged the boys in a display of blowfish. He invited us to look around, and we looked, but I kept one eye on Tyler. 

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Dianna Miller

About Dianna Miller

Dianna Miller was born and raised in Canyon County. After graduating from Caldwell High School, she married and moved to Oregon for six years, but missing home and family, the couple returned to Idaho. Dianna is now “what most call a homemaker or stay-at-home mom, but I prefer domestic goddess.” Aside from family, her passion is her camera.

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