Caprese Appetizers/Italian Soda

By Amy Story

Caprese Salad Appetizers


Handful of clean, fresh basil

Mozzarella balls, cut in half

Cherry or grape tomatoes

Balsamic vinegar (garlic, lavender or another that has
flavor infusion is great to change up the taste a bit).



>Spear basil, tomatoes, and cheese, in any order you’d like. It’s fun to put a half-ball of cheese with flat side down, so the base and appetizer will stand upright on a platter, but you also could place them horizontally on the platter.

> Drizzle with balsamic vinegar of your choice. If the vinegar is thin, it can be reduced over low heat in a pan for thickening before drizzling.

> This is a favorite go-to dish around our household: quick, nice-looking, impressive—perfect for visitors.

Note: The origins of Caprese (“kuh-pray-say”) salad are uncertain. Some say it dates back to post-World War I Italy, when a patriotic mason wanted to make a dish that represented a tribute to his nation by incorporating the tricolors of the country’s flag. Another version has it that a chef at the Hotel Quisisana on the island of Capris invented it in the 1920s to please the palate of a persnickety regular guest. Yet another legend says it was invented by the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who lived on Capri. Whoever was responsible, they did a good thing.

Homemade Italian Sodas



Torani™ flavored syrup

Raspberry-lime sparkling water

Splash of lime juice

Heavy cream


>Fill two glasses with ice.

>Fill each glass about 1/4 to 2/3 full with the raspberry syrup.

>Top each glass with sparkling water and a splash of fresh lime juice.

>Slowly pour desired amount of heavy whipping cream into each glass.

>Top with fresh raspberries.

Note: A bunch of garnishes like fresh berries, citrus wedges, maraschino cherries, or herbs such as mint can be placed in bowls so guests can have fun customizing their drinks.


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