In Praise of a Place

And All Those Great Times

By Shirley Metts

One of the biggest mistakes my husband Rocky and I ever made was the year we allowed our grown-up children and their friends to talk us into letting them put in their inner tubes beside the bridge near Featherville and float a section of the Boise River down to Johnson Bridge.

The problem was we could not drive alongside the river to check for “strainers,” the fallen trees or branches in the water, or for any other safety issues. Even so, we blithely waved them on their way, telling them we would meet them in two or three hours at the bridge.

After three hours had come and gone, I began worrying that something had happened. We drove every road we could find that went to the river, with no sign of any of them. My husband, granddaughter, and I drove up and down the road between the two bridges, over and over again. About five hours later, we finally found two of the boys trying to hike out to the road. They had run into several strainers and had almost drowned. Having decided enough was enough, they had begun walking. But that still left six people in the water—and we could not find them.

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Shirley Metts

About Shirley Metts

Shirley Metts is a native Idahoan who grew up on a homestead north of Rupert. She moved to Hazelton, where she met her husband, Rocky. The couple has three children and five grandchildren. A secretary for the Kimberly School District for twenty-one years, Shirley retired in 2008. She is editor of the Magic Valley Gem Club’s news bulletin and southern Idaho representative for the American Lands Access Association.

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