Miss Idaho and I

A Small-Town Girl in the Big Pageant

By Loris Addington

When the principal, Mr. Sayer, gave me a chore to do one day in the spring of 1955 at Council High School, I offered a smile and what I thought was a snappy salute before trotting off to do his bidding.

Apparently, this breezy attitude caught the eye of the photographer who came to the school every year to take our pictures, because he said, “The Miss Idaho Pageant could use a little spicing up this year. Do you suppose that young lady would like to be a participant?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll ask her,” Mr. Sayer replied. When I returned from my task, he said, “Loris, come here a minute.”

Thus began my experience as a Miss Idaho contestant.

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Loris Addington

About Loris Addington

Loris Addington grew up in Council, which she remembers as “full of glorious freedom.” A finalist in the Miss Idaho contest of 1955, she left the University of Idaho to become a flight attendant for American Airlines. She married and had a son, Craig, in McCall. She finished her degree at Boise State, founded Van Go Tours in Portland, and is now retired, “again free to roam the world.”

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