No Pizza in Winter

But an Architectural Dream

Story and Photos by Jimmy Blake

“Check out that old Masonic Lodge, honey,” I said to my wife Felicity. “That’s what our house should look like.”

“I think it’s for sale,” she replied.

I imagined helicopters lifting the barn-sized building out of the canyon in the Owyhee Mountains that shelters Silver City and arranging it on a hillside close to Boise. Then, with a laugh, I realized what she meant. “Oh, you mean live here?”

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Jimmy Blake

About Jimmy Blake

Jimmy Blake was born and raised in Idaho and has lived in the Pacific Northwest, Scandinavia, and the Gulf Coast. In recent years, his work changed direction from apparel design to fashion photography for a multinational hair care line, which has entailed fashion show assignments in London, Stockholm, and elsewhere in Europe.  He and wife Felicity co-founded their company, BLAKE.BIRD ( Jimmy says he is “so happy to finally be building my nest back in Idaho with my beautiful Aussie girl.”

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