On Two Wheels

A Backcountry Diary

Story and Photos by Nadine York

Flying through Space and Time

Back in the day when we were young, last year, he and I packed bare necessities into panniers, strapped on sleeping bag and tent, and left cares behind. Motorcycle engines roared us into life on the road, flying through space and time. With my head wrapped in a helmet and body whipped by wind, life sang simple.

Solitude on the move. Nothing to do but hold on, look, think, feel . . .

Morning on the Yankee Fork

Saw a badger yesterday along the cut-off road to Stanley. Fires around Red Mountain we heard, but not much smoke to be seen. Made camp in a clearing along the Yankee Fork.

Lone deer ambled through in the evening. Woodpecker telegraphed this morning.

Really good night sleep. Amen.

Ready to explore up Loon Creek.

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Nadine York

About Nadine York

Nadine York lives in Boise, where she is grateful to be enjoying retirement from a lifetime of multiple careers as teacher, landscaper, and mental health therapist. Plenty of time now to write and enjoy the pursuit of life, liberty, and speed.

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