Serious Culture

By Kitty Fleischman

Most of the time we don’t think of Cascade as the home of serious culture. We rarely think of it as the hub of an international business either, but both of those suppositions would be incorrect.

Sourdoughs International, owned by Ed Wood, ships sourdough cultures to seventy-eight countries around the world. His newest venture, a book called Classic Sourdoughs, is the third one about sourdough breads written by him and his late wife, Jean. It was inspired by their shared passion for sourdough breads, as well as for hunting, camping, and exploration.

Classic Sourdoughs
offers beginners a simple, comprehensive introduction to the mysterious world of sourdough baking. It also offers experienced sourdough bakers some tasty recipes. If you’ve been puzzled about how to get started, it’s time to begin your exploration. If you’ve been using sourdough, there are some great recipes for expanding your repertoire.

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Wood’s book explores the evolution of grains, and the evolution of wild sourdough cultures. It contains step-by-step instructions to get your starter going, and with proper attention, the sourdough culture has an indefinite lifespan. Be bold! If you’re a lover of sourdough breads and pancakes, here is exactly what you need to get started.


Kitty Delorey Fleischman

About Kitty Delorey Fleischman

Kitty Delorey Fleischman met and fell in love with a red-headed gold miner in Nome in 1979, and until then, the sum of her knowledge of Idaho was: Frank Church, Cecil Andrus, and Idaho potatoes. Moving to the Gem State in 1981 to marry the man of her dreams, her life changed, and she found the place where she'd always wanted to be. Kitty was a teacher, and she has written and photographed for United Press International, was a founder and co-publisher of the Idaho Business Review, wrote Velma Morrison's memoirs, The Bluebird Will Sing Tomorrow, and is the publisher and editor of IDAHO magazine.

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