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About Alan Drew

Alan Drew is senior vice president of research and development at Northwest Lineman College in Meridian. Starting his career in the power industry in 1959, he advanced through apprentice lineman, lineman, line foreman, and line superintendent while earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. After working as general superintendent for a Washington public utility, he moved to Boise in 1998 and joined the lineman college. In 2009, Alan was inducted into the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame. He and wife Kathi reside in Eagle.

In Pioneer Footsteps

We were spread out, walking through heavy brush along the route of a long-defunct power line between the old Swan Falls Dam and Silver City, when someone shouted, “Here’s a pole and cross-arm!”

I rushed over to where he was and sure enough, he had come upon a pole top with the cross-arm mounted on it. This great discovery, which confirmed much about the design of a power line more than a century old, was one of many our team at Boise’s Northwest Lineman College has made over twenty-nine expeditions, during which we have covered the entire twenty-seven miles of line from Swan Falls to Silver City. Continue reading

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