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About Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett is a fourth-generation Idahoan who grew up and spent his early career on a sheep and cattle ranch. In 2010, he retired as an insurance company executive. Married with two grown daughters and four grandchildren, Richard became interested in writing after compiling a family history. His historical novel, Rock Creek, set in Idaho in the late-19th Century, is out in the spring of 2016 on

Bennett Mountain

A prominent mountain northeast of Mountain Home, seen on the left as you pass through the outskirts of town on I-84 eastbound, bears the name Bennett Mountain. Scores of my cousins and second cousins and their children recount with pride that the mountain was named for Richard Bennett, our ancestor.

I grew up in Mountain Home and don’t remember any of the locals or family members ever questioning the origin of the mountain’s name. It was named after my great-grandfather who ran sheep there a hundred and thirty-five years ago . . . or was it? Continue reading

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