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2003-04, April 2003 (Post Falls)

2003-04, April 2003 (Post Falls)


Volume 2, Number 7

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    Earth’s Underground Playground

    by Shawna Andreasen

    Get down, get out…the good side of “down and out” is spelunking!

    The Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area
    by Ed Mosey

    In 1995, the Bonneville Power Administration deeded a large parcel of land to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, combining about eighty thousand acres of state and federal holdings into the Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Together with land owned by other agencies and the Nez Perce Tribe, the area comprises well over one hundred square miles under cooperative management, for the benefit of wildlife.

    Post Falls
    by Kim Brown

    This is not a “spot in the road” or a “has been” kind of town. In the 1990s Post Falls’ population exploded, nearly tripling in a decade. It has been labeled the “fastest growing little town in Idaho.”

    Early Days on the Lochsa

    by Hadley B. Roberts

    In August 1934, the Pete King Fire raged on for six days, consuming over fifty thousand acres of Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. The Lochsa Historical Ranger Station survived and is open to the public today.


    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: Introducing Buddy
    by Will Edwinson

    Smalltown Flavor: WWII Hero Survived Fifty Combat Missions
    by Kelly Kast

    Featured Foliage: In Search of the Wild Mushroom

    by Nancy C. Butler

    Clean Plate Club: A Personal Benchmark: Panther Creek Inn
    by Russ Steele

    Gardening Tales: The Horseradish Incident
    by Les Tanner

    Free Range Verse: Canyonade

    by Larry N. Gwartney

    Profile: Augie’s Sweet Treat

    by Nancy C. Butler

    Historical Snapshot: Motoring: When It Was a Pastime!

    by Arthur Hart


    Boise, Caldwell, Cobalt, Craigmont, Desert Ice Cave – St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Fort Hall, Gooding, Grace, Lochsa Historical Ranger Station, Minnetonka Cave – Bear Lake, Niter Ice Cave – Blackfoot, Orofino, Post Falls, Salmon National Forest, Shoshone Indian Ice Cave, Silver City, The Darby Canyon Wind Cave – Driggs