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2003-06, June 2003 (Island Park)

2003-06, June 2003 (Island Park)


Volume 2, Number 9

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    Aviation Comes to Idaho

    by Arthur Hart

    Believe it or not, people didn’t always hurtle through the air in machines. We know, it is hard to fathom today. In the old days, the cowboys of the skies risked life and limb to show people that flying was possible.

    Tom Tharp: The Man Behind the Green
    by Cecil Hicks

    Tom Tharp is Sandpoint Elks Golf Course’s manager and superintendent. This hardworking guy knows what it takes to keep a popular golf course in materials, mowers, and green!

    Island Park
    by Elizabeth Laden

    Like quite a few Idaho towns (luckily), Island Park is surrounded by wild country. At any time of day or night, residents and visitors can look out their windows and see a moose wander by, or even a black or grizzly bear. Eagles and trumpeter swans fly overhead, and wildflowers brighten the landscape spring through fall. Needless to say, all of this makes it well worth a visit out east.

    Heyburn State Park: A Place for Lasting Memories

    by Karen Sargent

    Heyburn State Park, established in 1908, is the oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest. Hear all about its treasures from someone who should know—one of the park’s rangers.


    Letter to the Editor
    by Barbara Sites

    Road Tripping: Governor’s Passport: A Great Way to See Idaho
    by Marylyn Cork

    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: Fishin’

    by Will Edwinson

    Free Range Verse: The Cowboy Nanny and the Honey Horse
    by Connie R. Grant

    One Spud Short: The Sawtoothed Critter
    by Neil S. Brookshire

    Who We Are: There’s a Butterfly on Your Nose
    by Les Tanner

    Fiction Contest: 2nd Place Youth Division, My Challenge

    by Jamie E. Ronlein

    Fiction Contest: 2nd Place Adult Division, A Mourning Dove Dawn
    by Larry Gwartney

    Front Porch Tales: Loaded for White Water
    by Barbara Michener

    Historical Snapshot: Opera Comes to Idaho
    by Arthur Hart

    Sporting Life: Coeur d’Alene’s Floating Green
    by Dave Tester


    Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Council, Grace, Heyburn State Park, Island Park, Lewiston, Middle Fork Salmon River, Sandpoint, Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls