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2003-07, July 2003 (Orofino)

2003-07, July 2003 (Orofino)


Volume 2, Number 10

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    Motels at the Top of the World
    by Jerry Foster

    Staying a night or two at a retired fire lookout on one of Idaho’s grand peaks gives new meaning to the phrase, “getting away from it all.” Between the views and the solitude, it is a wonder this activity isn’t more popular. Grab your gear and go…and prepare yourself for an entirely new perspective.

    Grandma Emery’s Cookbook
    by Helen McMullin

    This is the story of an Idaho family, told with the help of an everyday item that turned into a treasure. Join the Emerys, of turn-of-the-century Oakley, on their journey from the east to the marvelous west (and get a few classic housekeeping tips while you’re at it)!

    by Nancy C. Butler

    Orofino is tucked away in the winding canyon of the beautiful Clearwater River in north central Idaho. The river and surrounding natural environment are a big part of the lifestyle of Orofino’s people. Forested canyon walls surround the community, which was built following the contours carved by the Clearwater River and Orofino Creek.


    Around the Bend: Mosquito Flat Reservoir: A Dream Come True
    by Summer Jackman

    Front Porch Tales: Barn Dreams

    by Lynn Farley

    Buddy…His Trails and Treasures: Instinct or Guardian Angel?
    by Will Edwinson

    One Spud Short: Things You Don’t Want to Happen with Sticky Spider Traps

    by Lori Corbett-Hathaway

    Historical Snapshot: Orofino’s Fourth
    by Arthur Hart

    Fiction Contest: 3rd Place Youth Division, Chasing the Salmon
    by Christian Hertzog

    Fiction Contest: 3rd Place Adult Division, The Mysterious Fish of Owyhee River
    by Steve Koehler

    Free Range Verse: That Pine Squirrel
    by Dale L. Neill

    Fiction Contest: 3rd Place Professional Division, Confluence
    by Kurt Caswell

    Animal Kingdom: Boise Front Beauties
    by Les Tanner

    Ranch Life: Haywire Ranch
    by Cheryl Cox


    Boise, Challis, Grace, Idaho Falls, Oakley, Orofino, St. Anthony