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2003-08, August 2003 (Riggins)

2003-08, August 2003 (Riggins)


Volume 2, Number 11

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    Bridges of Bonner County
    by Ann Clizer

    Ever take a bridge for granted? It is an easy thing to do. In north Idaho, however, it is a little tougher, seeing as bridges are pretty integral to daily life. Turn to Ann Clizer’s story about the bridges of Bonner County and spend some time appreciating. Every bridge has a story!

    by Ashley Mayes

    Riggins is a small town that beats deep in the heart of a narrow canyon. Situated at the confluence of the Salmon River and the Little Salmon river, Riggins is located on U.S. Highway 95, forty-five miles south of Grangeville and thirty-five miles north of New Meadows. Find out how what was once little more than a large sandbar became a dynamic town of 500.

    A Man Called Rube
    by Arthur Hart

    The most revered lawman in Idaho, Orlando “Rube” Robbins, was the brain and brawn behind the capture of many frontier outlaws. An impressive monument in Pioneer Cemetery on Boise’s Warm Springs Avenue was erected by his many admirers. You can still see it there today.


    Fun & Games: Full Moon Paddle

    by Rhoda Sanford

    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: Instinct or Guardian Angel? Part II
    by Will Edwinson

    Who We Are: The Wave
    by Dirk Andreasen

    Free Range Verse: Raging River Refrain: An Ode to the Salmon River
    by Larry Gwartney

    Smalltown Flavor: Geertson Trail Rides
    by Melinda Stiles

    Historical Snapshot: Meridian Turns 100!
    by Arthur Hart

    One Spud Short: HELP!
    by Shirley A. Lund

    Fiction Contest: Publisher’s Choice Adult Division, The Angel of Yankee Fork

    by Les Tanner

    Clean Plate Club: Alaska’s Best: Believe It or Not!

    by Kitty Fleischman

    Front Porch Tales: Bill n’ Me
    by Ginger Beall


    Boise, Bonner County – Bridges, Grace, Idaho City, Lake Pend Oreille, Meridian, Rexburg, Riggins, Rupert, Salmon, Sandpoint, Weippe