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2003-09, September 2003 (Nampa)

2003-09, September 2003 (Nampa)


Volume 2, Number 12

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    Still Doing It the Old Fashioned Way
    by Linda J. Henderson

    Ever try to clear a forest using just two horsepower? Rick and Shannon Wood show us that when the horses in question are their two Belgian draft horses, it’s a breeze. Witness the power of the “Boys” as they haul their lumber away leaving barely a trace—the old-fashioned way.

    by Arthur Hart

    Discover the truth about Idaho’s second-largest city: this vibrant and industrious burg has been leading the way in Idaho for over a hundred years. Arthur Hart gives us the real story of this little town that could. Keep it up Nampa!

    Exploring the Cabinet Mountains
    by Ann Clizer

    Looking for that last getaway before autumn closes in? You could do a lot worse than the Idaho section of the Cabinet Mountains, a vast and rugged expanse of mountains too big and too inviting to be overlooked.


    Letter to the Editor
    by Jerry Hannifin

    Book Review: Union Pacific Rails to the Mines: The Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railway
    Reviewed by Nancy C. Butler

    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: Little Boy Lost
    by Will Edwinson

    Who We Are: Our Backyard Wilderness

    by Rick Kmetz

    Historical Snapshot: The Nampa Fire

    by Arthur Hart

    Free Range Verse: The Brave and The Bold
    by Roger Walker

    Road Tripping: Walking in Their Moccasin Tracks
    by Susan Jones

    Fiction Contest: Publisher’s Choice Youth Division, Diary of Raelly Thompson
    by Jaime Rae Martin

    Front Porch Tales: The End of a Chapter
    by Barbara Michener

    One Spud Short: Just Doing What Comes Naturally

    by Helen Smith


    Blacktail Lake, Boise, Burley, Cabinet Mountain Range, Challis, Gem Lake, Grace, Kootenai National Forest, Lake Darling, Lake Estelle, Moose Lake, Murphy, Nampa, Porcupine Lake, St. Maries