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2004-01, January 2004 (McCall)

2004-01, January 2004 (McCall)


Volume 3, Number 4

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    The Nine Summits of Idaho
    by Nic Stover

    Leatherman, Breitenbach, Borah. What do all these names have in common? They are three of the nine Idaho peaks above twelve thousand feet. You may have considered climbing one, but are you brave and crazy enough to have considered climbing all nine? Find out what happens when one intrepid climber sets out to do just that in record time.

    by Christie Gorsline

    Whether you have a weakness for skiing, fishing, climbing, swimming, or just playing cards by the lake, the name McCall has always echoed like a siren’s song in the ears of Idahoans in search of escape. Christie Gorsline provides the story behind the Gem State’s getaway of choice.

    Panhandle Horsepower
    by Ann Clizer and Cecil Hicks

    From Percherons and Belgians to Clydesdales and Shires, Sandpoint’s annual International Draft Horse Show measures its horsepower by the ton. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make one of these majestic beasts the best in show.


    Idaho Hall of Fame: Alfred C. “Alf” Dunn

    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: The Lesson
    by Will Edwinson

    Whitewater Ways: Kayaking is Life

    by William Studebaker

    Free Range Verse: Pa’s Maiden Voyage
    by Evea Harrington Powers

    McCall Memories: At The Lakes: On Loving McCall
    by John Davidson

    Front Porch Tales: Charivari, American Style
    by Lynn Farley

    Who We Are: Saved by the Bill
    by Melinda Stiles

    Historical Snapshot: Northwest Passage

    by Arthur Hart

    Family Matters: Of Gardening, Love, and Pickle Bombs

    by Anonymous

    One Spud Short: A Rare Ride
    by Lona Elliott Rash


    Boise, Borah Peak, Diamond Peak, Donaldson Peak, Driggs, Grace, Hyndman Peak, Leatherman Peak, Lost River Peak, McCall, Mount Breitenbach, Mount Church, Mount Idaho, Payette Lake, Salmon, Sandpoint, Twin Falls