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2004-05, May 2004 (Kellogg)

2004-05, May 2004 (Kellogg)


Volume 3, Number 8

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    Ethel Chapman & Aleen Hendren
    by Caitlin Copple

    Sometimes the lives of people who make history don’t make it into our collective memory. In Boise, at least two prominent businesswomen slipped through the cracks, and their stories deserve to be told. In the 1930s Ethel Chapman and Aleen Hendren juggled housekeeping with successful and controversial careers.

    by Erin Stuber

    Kellogg may be the only place in the world which boasts of being discovered by a jackass. According to legend, the town’s namesake, Noah Kellogg, discovered gold while searching for his wandering burro. Erin Stuber fills us in on what happened afterward.

    Backcountry Flying
    by Ryan Peck

    Backcountry pilot Bob Danner knows the Sawtooth Mountain Range like it was his backyard. In fact, it is his backyard. Fly with Dan and he will take you to some of the most beautiful and untouched wilderness anywhere.


    Animal Kingdom: Wolf People
    by Gordon Rich

    Road Tripping: Idaho Mud

    by Dave Clark

    Fiction Contest: The Preacher and the Woodpile

    by Marylyn Cork

    Music Makers: Violin Maker Ray Leicht
    by Lori Van Pelt

    One Spud Short: Green Acres Meets Black Asphalt
    by Meg Donahue

    Front Porch Tales: Bouquet of Memories
    by Barbara Michener

    Mother’s Day Memories: Celebrating Mom

    by Les Tanner & Gem Magnuson

    Buddy, His Trials and Treasures
    by Will Edwinson

    Free Range Verse: Just Two Miles

    by Fay Briscoe

    Historical Snapshot: Early Air Disaster
    by Arthur Hart


    Boise, Caldwell, Cocolalla, Grace, Kellogg, Kendrick, Nampa, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Sawtooth Wilderness Area, Stanley