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2004-10, October 2004 (Hailey)

2004-10, October 2004 (Hailey)


Volume 4, Number 1

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    Last of the Mountain Women

    by Ron Watters

    Frances Wisner was no ordinary woman. She was, in fact, known in these parts as the last of the mountain women—the last remaining member of an extraordinary group of self-reliant women who, by physical and mental prowess, lived and forged their places in the western wilderness.

    by Pedro G. Salom

    It might be said that the city of Hailey is essentially a teenager, maturing rapidly and enduring a growth spurt and growing pains, all the while struggling with its identity. Local writer and journalist Pedro Salom fills us in on the history and the future for this charming town in the Wood River Valley.

    The Singing Sands of Bruneau
    by Mary Syrett

    Last August, while hiking in Bruneau Dunes State Park, writer Mary Syrett heard something unusual: the sands at various locations among the dunes were “singing.” She did some research and discovered that scholars have been contemplating this strange phenomenon for centuries.


    Front Porch Tales: Katie
    by Lynn Farley

    The Learning Curve : MuseArt Camp at Eagle Rock Art Museum
    by Debu Majumdar

    Technology: Salmon Safe Turbines

    by Gerald Fleischman, P.E.

    The Good Old Days: Old vs. New
    by Bill Corbett

    Profile: Elaine Savage Forges a Path
    by Sherry Ramsey

    Rail Ways: Ashton to West Yellowstone
    by Lena Anken-Sexton

    Road Tripping: The Other Fuel
    by Dave Clark

    Innovators: River Surfing
    by Gordon Rich

    One Spud Short : Rest Stop
    by Jack Lintelmann

    Historical Snapshot: The Iron Age

    by Arthur Hart


    Arco, Ashton, Boise, Bruneau Dunes State Park, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Hailey, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Lost River Mountains, Payette, Pocatello, Priest River, Snake River, Yellowstone National Park