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2005-06, June 2005 (Stanley)

2005-06, June 2005 (Stanley)

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Volume 4 Number 9

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    Mary Jane’s Palouse Farm
    by Carol Price Spurling

    An organic farmer, carpenter, entrepreneur, magazine publisher, photographer, and writer, Mary Jane Butters has reached her prime now, at age 51, after an early career in the U.S. Forest Service. With a major book deal and a thriving business, Mary Jane’s success story is growing on a national scale in an unlikely location: the Palouse hills eight miles south of Moscow.

    Stanley—Spotlight City
    by Ryan Peck

    A splendid view of the majestic Sawtooth and White Cloud mountains awaits those who choose to visit the central Idaho hamlet of Stanley. While they may appreciate photographic versions of similar settings, outdoor recreation seekers jaded by big city office work can find there’s nothing like the real thing. It’s a visual treat that local residents, such as cattle ranchers, have access to year-round.

    Fiction Contest
    by Ciara R. Huntington

    With her short story “The Wildflower” Ciara R. Huntington was IDAHO magazine’s Youth Division Fiction Contest winner in 2004. Huntington, a Boise native, wasted no time in making her mark in this year’s Adult Division competition. Huntington’s humorous entry, “The Boyfriend Test,” took top honors in the ever-competitive adult category. It’s a good read.


    Music Makers: Dietrich Native Dan Costello; Teaching, Gigging–Just Playing Music of the Love of It, by Ryan Peck

    Aviation Adventure: Backcountry Winging-it; A Nerve-wracking Flight in Central Idaho, by Linda J. Henderson

    Rocking R Memories: Missouri Ridge, by Marylyn Cork

    Young Writers: After-school Writing Clubs Proliferate in Boise, by Heather Glass

    A Spouse’s Angle: The Covert Fraternity of Fanatical Fly-Fishermen; Part I, by Shirley Lund

    One Spud Short: the Plumb Simple Radish, by William Studebaker

    Craters of the Moon Lessons: Three Tips for Enjoying an Underrated Idaho Treasure, by Dave Clark

    Phenology Notebook: Camas Time, by Wendy Green

    Historical Snapshot: Built Boise Tough; Model T Fords in Boise, by Arthur Hart

    Boise, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Dietrich, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, Indian Valley, Missouri Ridge, Moscow, Sandpoint, Soda Springs, Stanley, Twin Falls