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2005-11, November 2005 (Potlatch)

2005-11, November 2005 (Potlatch)


Volume 5, Number 2

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    International Takes

    by Debu Majumdar

    What does Idaho look like from an outside perspective? It’s certainly much different than what is portrayed in many in-state promotions. Responding to a critical, but gentle line of inquiry, worldwide visitors to the state’s eastern region during the summer of 2005 expressed some very candid and refreshing views. There’s much to be learned from this stunning critique gathered from the eyes of the world.

    Potlatch—Spotlight City

    by Margo Aragon

    If you ever want to define the term “company town,” with a classic example of one, look to the northern Idaho city of Potlatch. Located about fifteen miles northeast of Moscow, Potlatch was built as a logging camp one hundred years ago by the forest products company known as the Potlatch Corporation. Here’s a look at that history and how today’s town of Potlatch, population eight hundred, is carving out its modern identity.

    Bighorn Sheep Transfer
    by Dale E. Toweill

    In early January, an intrepid team of Idaho wildlife biologists and veterinarians launched a challenging capture-and-release project. The group ultimately moved sixty-two bighorn sheep from a site in western Montana to a location a few hundred miles away, in Central Idaho’s Lost River Range, near Mackay. This eyewitness account re-creates the drama as it unfolded in the freezing cold of last winter.


    Modern Mountaineer: A Self-styled Mountain Man Named “Crazy Cyot”

    by Ross Walker

    Studebaker Says: Anticipating the Squeaky New Snow

    by William Studebaker

    Recording Oral Histories: The StoryCorps Project’s Moscow Visit

    by Carol Spurling

    Music Makers: Acoustic Player Rebecca Scott; Powerful, but modest Boise musician’s career still in startup mode
    by Ryan Peck

    Autumn Angling: November Cutthroats
    by Les Tanner

    Retrospective: Remember the Eagle Rock Stagecoach Station Operator; Frequently overlooked Robert Anderson co-founded the Idaho burg that would eventually be named Idaho Falls
    by Mary Jane Fritzen

    His Holiness Visits: The Dalai Lama in Idaho; Dollars donated by Idahoan pivotal to Tibetan Buddhist leader’s September visit

    by Gordon Rich

    Mining Memories: One-armed Gold Miner

    by Steve Koehler

    Historical Snapshot: Idaho’s First College Football Team
    by Arthur Hart


    Boise, Chesterfield, Florence, Idaho Falls, Mackay, Moscow, North Fork Clearwater River, Potlatch, Sun Valley, Twin Falls