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2006-01, January 2006 (Gooding)

2006-01, January 2006 (Gooding)


Volume 5 Number 4

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    Origin of Snow
    by Ron Watters

    What exactly is snow? It’s incredibly important to Idaho: It fuels our multi-million dollar ski industry and is the source of life-giving water for our communities, farms, and ranches. Come along on a backcountry ski trip across the Gospel Hump wilderness, and take a look at the white stuff from a microscopic perspective. You’ll discover how snow is formed and in what shapes, and how it changes once it’s on the ground.

    Gooding—Spotlight City
    by Kelly Kast

    Founded by former Governor Frank R. Gooding, this month’s spotlight city is located twenty-eight miles northwest of Twin Falls. Fiercely proud of their pioneers, Gooding’s 3,384 citizens celebrate their history at least three times a year. With not a single stoplight, the town may seem a quiet, “Mayberryesque” place. But beneath the surface, Gooding is bustling with activity.

    The Fabulous Wandamere
    by Connie B. Otteson

    Tango back in time to the wonderful Wandamere, where gals and guys danced the fox trot, the waltz, and the swing, and where once even Louis Armstrong played. In this fun retrospective, visit the elegant ballroom that once stood where now sits an Idaho Falls concrete company. Rising two stories, the ballroom featured twenty-foot ceilings, mirrored walls and a mirrored ball overhead. Though sometimes as rough as it was romantic, the Wandamere was a glittery oasis in the desert countryside.


    Discovered: Mountain Cove Grad Plays Key Role in Mormon History Films, by Angela I. Nielson

    Frosty Fishing Tales: Ice Fishing On Palisades Reservoir, by Debu Majumdar

    Northern Exposure: Ten Questions About Things People Do; North Idaho job scene, by Mike Kincaid

    2005 Recipe Contest: The King’s Ransom; First Place, Main Course by Ross & Angie Conlin

    Retrospective: Oldies; Skiing at Sun Valley in the 1940s and 1950s, by Karen Bossick

    Studebaker Says: On the Road to Idaho; Some True Stories are Stranger Than Fiction, by William Studebaker

    Profile: A Lifetime of Writing, by Connie B. Otteson

    Music Makers: The Musical Journey of Lewiston Native Jimmy Bivens; Idaho Americana musician has had varied career, by Ryan Peck

    Historical Snapshot: Getting the Logs to the Mill, by Arthur Hart

    American Falls, Boise, Cascade, Coeur d’Alene, Gooding, Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho Falls, Jerome, Lewiston, Murray, North Fork, Oreana Lookout, Palisades Reservoir, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Shoup, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Wallace