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2006-10, October 2006 (Melba)

2006-10, October 2006 (Melba)


Volume 6 Number 1

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    The Quake of ‘83
    by Peggy Parks

    When the largest earthquake to hit the contiguous United States in nearly a quarter of a century struck Custer County on Friday, October 28, 1983, the area, particularly the town of Challis, suddenly made national headlines. In this fascinating, retrospective eyewitness account, the author describes the events of that day and the aftermath from her unique perspectives both as a resident of the area and as the editor of The Challis Messenger.

    Melba—Spotlight City 
    by Madge Wylie & Margie Jacobs

    Known as the “Seed Heart of America,” this small town, crowned by the Owyhee Mountains, exhibits a sense of character and heart that is unique to itself. Agriculturally, Melba may be dependent upon the rich soil of its farms and water from the nearby Snake River, but its well being and continued existence depends on a very strong sense of community. Adjacent to The Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and Celebration Park, Idaho’s only archeological park, Melba is a town with much to offer, now and into the future.

    Theft of the Great Seal
    by Mark Havens

    Most Idahoans know that the First Territorial Capital of Idaho was in Lewiston, but almost no one these days understands the machinations that resulted in that capital being moved from northern Idaho to Boise. It is a tale filled with chases, adventure, lawsuits, soldiers, and a cast of eccentrics, all of whom conspired with or against each other, looking to either move the capital or keep it where it was. Finally settled by the Territorial Supreme Court, it is a case with reverberations that can be felt even today.


    Outdoor Sports: Bosworths: Lumberjack champs; Winning is a family tradition, by Cecil Hicks

    Off the Beaten Path: Ghosts of fire, by Shirley A. Lund

    Family Matters: Who says parents know best?, by Jamey Colter

    Historical Characters: Johnny-Behind-the-Rocks; Bullets and a bath terminate two Idaho characters, by Dean Worbois

    Out of This World: One man’s miracle, by Joe H. Glymour

    2006 Fiction Contest: The Great Fourth Grade Powered Glider Caper of 1928, by Larry Gwartney

    Studebaker Says: Mom hits the road, by William Studebaker

    Who We Are: The Charm of Distance, by Dene Oneida

    One Spud Short: Passing the Buck, by Rob Strong

    2006 Recipe Contest: Beef Brisket, by Stacy Kemper

    2006 Recipe Contest: Easy Carrot Cake, by Joe Goettseke

    October Contributors

    Boise, Bonners Ferry, Carey, Challis, Dixie, Idaho City, Lewiston, Mackay, Melba, Mountain Home, New Meadows, Priest River, Rocky Bar, Salmon, Sandpoint, Silver City, Soda Springs, Twin Falls