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2006-11, November 2006 (Winchester)

2006-11, November 2006 (Winchester)


Volume 6 Number 2

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    Celebration Park
    by Dean Worbois

    Down along the slumbering banks of the Snake River south of Melba lies Idaho’s first Archeological State Park. Featuring gigantic gravel scattered after the catastrophic draining of Lake Bonneville some 14,500 years ago, an array of petroglyphs left by native tribes over several millennia, and the echoes of Idaho’s mining past, Celebration Park is an interesting and eclectic window into Idaho’s past.

    Winchester—Spotlight City
    by Margo Aragon

    This small town on the Palouse has a colorful history out of proportion to its size. Named, incidentally, for the Winchester rifles that townspeople brought to an early meeting, the town sits beside a picturesque lake, is surrounded by Ponderosa pines, has its own resident pack of wolves, and sports a mayor who is also a best selling author (see page 23 for profile). Through seventy-five years of existence that depended largely on the boom and bust logging industry, Winchester is surviving and thriving as an inviting place to visit and live.

    How to Erect an Anemometer
    by Collin Rudeen

    What is an anemometer and why would one desire to erect one? As it turns out, an anemometer measures wind velocity and persistence, information which is both necessary and fundamental when deciding where one might wish to build a wind farm. As a continuing, non-polluting energy source, wind power is very highly regarded for a variety of reasons. Still, even though the purpose of an anemometer more than justifies the installation, there is a great deal more to putting one up than one might expect.


    Animal Kingdom: Stalking the wild turkey, by Jim Foster

    Outdoor Sports: Long Bridge swim; An exercise in healing, by Desiré Aguirre

    Profile: “I Chose Idaho”; Writing a life in the Gem State, by Janet Rubin

    Small Town Flavor: Business out there; Hands on haggling, by Carol Lena Sowards

    Historical Snapshot: A trip to the dentist was rarely fun, by Arthur Hart

    Tricks of the Trade: Hollywood style innovations, straight from the family farm, by Amy Ballard

    Clean Plate Club: Dining in the 100 Acre Wood, by Laura Zuckerman

    Studebaker Says: Running Barefoot; A twice-told tale, by William Studebaker

    Literary Lions: Darkest Idaho’s pitiful Hemingway cult, by Dean Miller

    Rock and a Hard Place: Four-wheel-drive blues, by Shirley Lund

    2006 Recipe Contest: Au Gratin Potatoes, by Geneva Trent

    November Contributors

    Arco, Boise, Celebration Park, Eagle, Fairfield, Idaho Falls, Salmon, Sandpoint, Soda Springs, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Winchester