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2007-04, April 2007 (Wendell)

2007-04, April 2007 (Wendell)


Volume 6 Number 7

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    Boise’s German Heritage: Lost in Time 
    by Steven Anderson

    While Boise’s Basque and Chinese cultural influences are celebrated and commemorated, the same cannot be said for its German heritage, which is profound, though largely obscured over time. From early mayors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs, German immigrants left an indelible mark on Idaho’s capital.

    Wendell—Spotlight City 
    by Kelly Kast

    Long known as the “Hub City of Magic Valley,” Wendell has been the site of many different agricultural trends, and has survived against long odds to live and work another day. As cities go, Wendell is a survivor, and, like all survivors, it is finding new ways to thrive in the modern world.

    Theatre in Idaho City: 1865-1866
    by Dr. Charles Lauterbach

    A Goldrush boomtown, flush with cash and packed with characters, attracted all sorts of entertainment, from saloons every ten yards or so along Main Street to an assortment of bawdy girls. In Idaho City, the newly-prosperous miners also had the desire to see live theatre, and there were many touring companies who arrived to take advantage of the opportunity, before the boom turned to bust.


    Road Tripping: The Drive to Harrison; by Susan Mitchell

    Animal Kingdom: Couple trades in horses for donkeys, by Lorie Palmer

    Family Matters: Next!, by Ann Clizer

    Profile: Terry Todd; High tech and laid back, by Daniel Mower

    Small Town Flavor: The Henry Willards Spent the Weekend Canning Pears, by Les Tanner

    Studebaker Says: Too unfit to get fit, by William Studebaker

    Western Byways: Road to Salubria, by Perry Swisher

    Idaho Artist: Marie Jenkins, by Bill Corbett

    Music Makers: Music Visuals; The Art of Ben Wilson, by Ryan Peck

    Recipe Contest: Ham-Cheese Puffs; Tied 2006 General Recipe First Place, by Marilyn Aggeler & Romaine Wrapped Halibut, by Tom Kelley

    April Contributors

    Boise, Caldwell, Grace, Grangeville, Harrison, Idaho City, Payette River, Sandpoint, Springfield, Twin Falls, Wendell