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2007-07, July 2007 (Cataldo)

2007-07, July 2007 (Cataldo)


Volume 6 Number 10

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    Idaho’s Medal of Honor Recipients
    by Bill Corbett

    Within the heart of any soldier lies an enormous number of conflicting emotions, some having to do with trying to survive combat, and some being concerned with making sure the mission at hand is accomplished. But a few soldiers also display incredible courage, amazing fortitude, and a selfless disregard for personal safety in hazardous circumstances. Here you will find some of Idaho’s most heroic and courageous citizens and sons, just in time to celebrate July 4th.

    Cataldo—Spotlight City
    by Mike Kincaid

    This small town, the site for which was selected by Jesuit Father De Smet, is the location of the beautiful Cataldo Mission built by Father Anthony Ravalli. But the town of Cataldo has a great deal more to offer than history. With striking scenery and an economy largely dependent on the logging and mining industries, the fortunes of Cataldo are again on the rise.

    Hardrock Mining
    by Lowell Vanskike

    If the commute to your first job includes climbing in an elevator and going down as far as a mile into the earth to arrive at your workplace, chances are excellent that you worked, or work, as a hardrock miner. If not, you will still be fascinated by this account of how the metals we all use or the tons of coal we employ to produce energy for industry or our homes are extracted from locations far beneath the earth’s surface.


    Studebaker Says: The Golf Course Ghost, William Studebaker

    Retrospective: Minidoka; Place of Enchantment, by Bill Ryan

    Flora and Fauna: Huckleberrying—an Idaho County tradition; Pickers keep silent about berries’ whereabouts, by Lorie Palmer

    One Spud Short: Taco Potatoes, by Merle Kearsley

    Rock and a Hard Place: Through the River, by Lois Siebe

    Family Matters: Grandpa’s Near Death Experience, by Stephen Kingsley

    Notorious Citizens: Idaho’s Lady Bluebeard, by Arthur Hart

    Winged Things: Pigeons in the Chicken Coop, by Janette Melgaard

    Recipe Contest: Cinnamon Flip; 2006 Dessert Recipe Winner, by Nikki Romani & Patti Speidi’s New York Style Shish Kabobs, by Patti Henderson

    July Contributors

    Boise, Burke, Cataldo, Challis, Coeur d’Alene, Craigmont, Grace, Grangeville, Idaho Falls, Jefferson County, Kellogg, Kuna, Minidoka, Moscow, Nampa, Pocatello, Preston, St. Maries, Sandpoint, Sharon, Shelley, Shoup, Sugar City, Twin Falls