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2007-08, August 2007 (Weippe)

2007-08, August 2007 (Weippe)


Volume 6 Number 11

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    Home on the Ourada Ranch 
    by Linda Funaiole

    Located eight and a half miles above the former Simplot mansion in the Foothills above Boise, the Ourada Ranch consists of eight hundred acres of land, homesteaded in 1911, and an amazing view of the valley below. Safely in family hands for the next generation, it provides a view of what life was like on a working ranch throughout the last century, and what it can be throughout this one.

    Weippe—Spotlight City
    by Margo Aragon

    Tucked away on Highway 11, between the communities of Fraser and Pierce, just north of Highway 12 in north central Idaho, lies the community of Weippe. Notable for its role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Nez Perce tribe, and Camas bulbs in bloom, Weippe treasures the legacy of its mining and logging past and looks straight into a very bright future.

    Boise Ground Zero
    by Dean Worbois

    In its earliest days, Boise was built around the corner of 8th and Main, the heart of town. This was the site of its most prominent hotel, and, later, one of its most important buildings. Over the years of urban renewal nightmares and a revivified downtown, this corner has retained great symbolic importance, even as it remains idle and unoccupied.


    Letters to the Editors: Bill Corbett, Pocatello & Gaye Bunderson, Boise

    Tricks of the Trade: Teen Trains Horses With Respect and Trust, by Lorie Palmer

    Book review: Lewis, Clark & Me, by Spence Campbell; Reviewed by Kitty Fleischman

    Studebaker Says: Ambivalence, Balance, and Beauty, by William Studebaker

    Historical Highlight: Butch Cassidy, the Montpelier Bank, and Dad’s Bike, by Bill Ryan

    Life’s Lessons: The Woodpile Woozle, by Curt “Dee” Fullmer

    Music Makers: Ben Burdick; The Guitar and All that Jazz, by Ryan Peck

    Family Matters: A Romance to Die For, by Dallin Moon

    Winged Things: Hanging out with Idaho’s Sandhill Cranes, by Cecil Hicks

    Who We Are: Dad’s Garden, by Ann Clizer

    Recipe Contest: Quiche Ballard, by Mary Beth Mowry, Green Tomato Pie, by Stacey Kemper & Grandma Gert’s Tandycake by Patti Henderson

    August Contributors

    Arco, Bliss, Boise, Grangeville, Gray’s Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Lewiston, Mackay, Montpelier, Orofino, Pocatello, Rexburg, Sandpoint, Twin Falls, Weippe