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2007-10, October 2007 (Shoshone)

2007-10, October 2007 (Shoshone)


Volume 7 Number 1

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    It’s Only Dirt; Wind of Change
    by Carolyn Driggs-Ware

    The Teton Valley, once home to potato farmers and outdoorsmen, is growing an entirely new crop; transplants from other states looking for a slower pace of living in a gorgeous mountain setting. The transition from rural towns to burgeoning boutique resort communities brings changes and challenges that are reflected all over the West.

    Shoshone—Spotlight City
    by Dixie Thomas Reale

    From its beginnings as a railhead for farmers and ranchers, Shoshone was a bustling, thriving community on the rise. Like so many other towns, however, when the railroad stopped passenger service, it had to reinvent itself. Shoshone has kept its sense of community while it starts to grow anew.

    William E. Borah: The Lion of Idaho
    by Dene Oneida

    For thirty-three years ,William Borah served as a US Senator from Idaho. The most consequential political figure to come from the Gem State, he was also the most independent. In his time, wits claimed that there were four factions in the Senate: Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, and William Edgar Borah.


    Announcement: The 2007 Recipe & Photo Contest Winners!

    Music Makers: The Shook Twins; Ready to take on the world, by Ryan Peck

    Studebaker Says: Indian Summers, by William Studebaker

    Idaho Waterways: Daylighting; Creeks make comebacks in Boise and Caldwell, by Linda Funaiole

    Small Town Flavor: Saga of the Lowly Corncob, by Madge Cook Wylie

    Retrospective: Idaho’s “Skunk” State Police Cars, by William Ryan

    Who We Are: The Last Ride, by Desire Aguirre

    Highways and Byways: Road Warriors, by Bill Gruber

    Heritage Trust: Basque Tree Carvings in Idaho, by Ellen Carney

    Life’s Lessons: Lesson on a Summer Morning, by Eric W. Jensen

    Recipe Contest: Golden Butternut Bisque with Caramelized Onions & Herbed Alpicella Sourdough Croutons, by Stacey L. Rich

    October Contributors

    Benewah County, Boise, Caldwell, Caribou National Forest, Driggs, Melba, Preston, St. Maries, Sandpoint, Shoshone, Teton Valley, Twin Falls