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2007-12, December 2007 (Rigby)

2007-12, December 2007 (Rigby)


Volume 7 Number 3

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    The Lion of Idaho: William E. Borah, Part II
    by Dene Oneida

    A US Senator for thirty-three years, William Borah was a significant and indispensible voice of reason throughout the chaotic first half of the 20th Century. From women’s sufferage and the income tax to Prohibition and the Treaty of Versailles, Borah’s influence helped to shape the modern world.

    Rigby—Spotlight City
    by Linda Sandifer

    Founded on land that once seemed inhospitable, Rigby has always been a place where resourceful people have found new ways to make things happen. The hometown of Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the television, this small but vibrant town continues to grow and prosper.

    The Day Baldy Blew: The Castle Rock Fire
    by Karen Bossick

    Over the course of several weeks this past fall, a number of huge fires spread through the forests of Idaho, bringing firefighters in from throughout the country and endangering communities in the surrounding areas. None were more affected by fire than the residents immediately around Ketchum. This is an account of how the town survived the fire with grace, courage, and a strong sense of community.


    Good Neighbors: The Slippery Santa, by Connie Otteson

    Life’s Lessons: Coming Home, by Royce Williams

    Hidden Heroes: Earth, Wind and Fire; Smokejumpers battle challenging elements in managing Idaho wildfires, by Jason Chatraw

    Idaho Centenarian: Opal Dickson, by Megan Rieger

    Studebaker Says: Hunter By Day, Poet By Night, by William Studebaker

    Companion Animals: Why I Love Idaho, by Dan Strawn

    Music Makers: From Busking to a Record Deal, by Ryan Peck

    Retrospective: My Heart’s Corral, by Evea Harrington Powers

    Book Review:
    70 Years in the Saddle; Life Sketch and Stories of Earl C. Nelson, by JoAnn Farnsworth &
    Montpelier and the Oregon Short Line, by JoAnn Farnsworth, Reviews by Sheila Winther

    Recipe Contest: Idaho Potato Rolls, by Maryann Merrick & Gruyere-Stuffed Beef Fillet, by Stacey Kemper

    December Contributors

    Boise, Council, Fruitland, Gooding, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Montpelier, Rigby, Sun Valley, Twin Falls