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2008-08, August 2008 (Murphy)

2008-08, August 2008 (Murphy)


Volume 7 Number 11

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    Magical Owyhee: Journey to the Edge of the Earth
    by Chad Case

    Unpredictable river flows, a short season, and washed out roads make the Owyhee Canyonlands an intimidating landscape. This hidden jewel attracts those wishing to experience the magic and isolation of a last true wilderness. It also beckons adventure seekers such as kayakers looking to brave the Canyon’s savage whitewater.

    Murphy—Spotlight City
    by Madge Cook Wylie

    Despite being one of Idaho’s smallest towns, unincorporated Murphy (population fifty) is the county seat of the second largest county in Idaho, an area that covers nearly 8,000 square miles from the Snake River to the borders of Oregon and Nevada.

    The Search for Evidence: Idaho’s Bigfoot Hunter
    by Philip A. Janquart

    Dr. Jeff Meldrum isn’t necessarily looking for a body. The Idaho State University professor of anatomy and anthropology has collected intriguing evidence that suggests a large bipedal creature does exist in some of the world’s most isolated and densely forested wilderness regions.


    Animal Kingdom: Hunting; A Change in Attitude, by Bruce Bash

    Ghosts in the Desert: A Pioneer Cemetery, by William Strange

    Studebaker Says: Remembering Studebaker, by Kitty Fleischman & Dene Oneida, Kayaking is Life, by William Studebaker

    How We Play: Minor League Baseball In Idaho, by Eric Karlan

    Chocolate is Life: Make a Note of It, by Ann I. Clizer

    Ties to the Land: Out-of-the-Way Pretty, by Dan Strawn

    Recipe Contest: Velma’s Original Chicken Fricasee with Wide Noodles, by Velma V. Morrison, Lentil Dahl Tortillas, by David Knickrehm

    August Contributors

    Boise, Bruneau, Duck Valley Indian Reservation, Hagerman, Meridian, Mountain Home, Moscow, Murphy, Packer Meadow, Pete Creek, Sandpoint, White Bird