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2008-11, November 2008 (Fairfield)

2008-11, November 2008 (Fairfield)


Volume 8 Number 2

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    The Perfect Day: How to Ski Heaven
    by Julie Weston

    As a youngster she was a ski racer. The memories are strong and the sport remains central to her idea of a perfect day, although at age sixty-two, that inner gladiator is occasionally hard to find.

    Fairfield—Spotlight City
    by Karen Bossick

    Set in a five thousand foot-high prairie whose nutritious camas lilies have been harvested by Native Americans for twelve thousand years, Fairfield is a remote but lovely taskmaster. It takes determination to live here.

    Ten Shots, Clean Ride: Cowboy Mounted Shooting
    by Tom Davenport

    The whole family dons Old West garb, packs shooting irons, saddles up, and competes in the country’s fastest-growing equestrian sport, cowboy mounted shooting. Check out the spectacle.


    Editor’s Note: Dear Readers, by Kitty Fleischman

    This Hunting Life: Thrill of the Chase; Idaho’s Super Hunt Combo Winner Stalks Four Big Game Species, by Jim Banholzer

    Who We Are: House of Stone; The Water Never Came, But the Memories Remain, by Dean Worbois

    Around the Bend: An Elk Too Far; This Deep In, Backpacking the Meat Out Can Raise Life-and-Death Thoughts, by Nathaniel Hoffman

    Down on the Farm: Until the Wheels Fall Off; The Farm May Have Cranky Tractors and Bad Bulls, But Standing in the Field, You Really Can Hear the Corn Grow, by Lynn Mickelsen

    Retrospective: Farewell, Chaplain Soldier; Idaho Air National Guard Chaplain Art Moore Heeded the Call for God and Country, by Linda Funaiole

    Recipe Contest: Potted Idaho Elk Stew, by Donna Noel; Velma’s Apple-Raisin Cobbler, by Velma Morrison; White Chili, by Barb Crowell

    November Contributors

    Arco, Athol, Blackfoot, Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Fairfield, Hailey, Island Park, King Hill, Kuna, Lost River Range, Mountain Home, Nampa, Rupert